The best day of the year is Christmas Day. Ignore the Scrooges – that’s just a fact. The second best day is probably your birthday. The third best day is, without any doubt, National Fitness Day. Of course if your birthday falls on Christmas Day both are ruined (half the presents, half the attention) but if your birthday falls on National Fitness Day, well, you might just be the luckiest man of all.

National Fitness Day 2017 falls on Wednesday 27th September, and it offers the chance to enjoy free fitness classes and taster sessions for various sports across the country. The day couldn’t be better timed, with many people perhaps tempted to ease off on the activity as the weather turns chillier.

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Last year there were more than 18,000 events held across 6,000 venues, so wherever you are in the UK, there’s bound to be something close by. When we entered our postcode in the activity finder on the National Fitness Day website, we were offered a HIIT class in the woods, gym open days and football in a Methodist church all within five miles, and that’s just for starters. The range of activities will not let you down.

So instead of bedding down for a sedentary few months in the build-up to Christmas (before trying to turn it around with a short-lived health kick in January), why not try a couple of new sports on National Fitness Day for free? You may even find your perfect active hobby. Or just go and smash a few goals past some Methodists for a motivation boost you can ride through to the New Year. Either works.

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Alongside the real-world activities, you can take your involvement in National Fitness Day to social media by getting involved in the #Fitness2Me campaign. Grab a piece of paper and write down what fitness means to you. Then snap a pic of you and your fitness credo and broadcast it to the world with the hashtags #Fitness2Me and #FitnessDay, tagging in @FitnessDayUK.

You don’t have to wait until Wednesday to get your pic up – check out these early examples for some inspiration.

This is Josh, he has recently started working as a teacher and has just returned from travelling all over the world last year. #Fitness2Me #BeYou

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%u202AOkay #fitness2me means: Turning under utilised open spaces into physical fun environments %uD83D%uDE4C @FitnessDayUK @_ukactive %u202C . . #Motivation #Situps #Squats #Starjumps #Starwars #Abs #Fitness #Fitnesaddict #FitFam #Fitpo #Cardio #Ripped #Morning #Jumps #Sport #Yoga #Yogaeverydamday #Exercise #Smile #TurnUpToneUp #Muscles #Fit #PushUp #Combo #love #Instagood

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